Getting Started:

If you have experience in setting up VPNs under your chosen operating system getting started is as simple as creating your account at vpnpop. If you're needing more information please check out our connection setup page. It should clear up any confusion you may have about setting up your connection.

If PPTP/IPSEC is blocked in your area - or just fails to work you can use our OPENVPN server network. More information can be found in our setup tutorials.

Why do I need a VPN?

  • List Item  Our VPN will hide the fact you're playing poker.
  • List Item  Easy security for wireless/cybercafe access users.
  • List Item  Compatible with iPhone no software needed.
  • List Item  International Internet users.
  • List Item  Bypass ISP blocking of applications.
  • List Item  Full anonymity by masking your location.
  • List Item  Secured connection for all programs and websites.
  • List Item  American based static IP address if desired.
  • List Item  Anonymous Internet surfing at work.
  • List Item  Bypass geographical blocks on many websites/services.
  • List Item  Protection against the Government, ISPS, TELCOS.
  • List Item  Bypass Skype and voip charges for cheaper talk time.
  • List Item  Our service does all this and more. Get Started!

We Are A Real Company

Do not trust your security to your internet service provider.

Do not trust just any VPN provider. We have seen many services claim they are free yet inject ads or harvest your information to be sold to third parties or worse blackmail.

793122 AB ltd / DBA VPNPOP.COM
has been a registered company for over 10 years. With a small staff our main office is located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.


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Top Clusters By User Destination : More Servers


Dynamic VPN Access Server
Spawned Servers : 15; Avrg Spawn Time 0.9 Minute(s).


VPN Access Server
Static Servers : 8; Crash Recovery : 2.8 Minute(s).


VPN Access Server
Static Servers : 4; Crash Recovery : 4.2 Minute(s).